Our History – An Introduction


Any profession who works with elders will be exposed to the power of having the EPC Designation. Financial Services Professionals, Real Estate Agents, Doctors, Nurses, Health Care workers, Care Givers, Nursing & Retirement Home owners as well as Funeral Home Directors are only some professions and occupations that will benefit from this highly sought after Designation.


The program is provided through American initiative for Elder Planning Studies, the College system and corporate sponsors.


With the distance learning program we bring these learning facilities as close as your home, office or even your computer keyboard, wherever and whenever you choose that to be.


The EPC designation will be awarded upon successful completion of an examination and acceptance to the US Initiative for Elder Planning Studies.


We invite you to explore our web site at www.aieps.com to learn more about our programs. We are sure that you will find the Elder Planning Counselor "EPC" International Designation Program, informative, rewarding and most of all, useful to you as you interact with our aging population.



Benefit to You

A comment from a "Charter Member"

“The program delivered exactly what I sought, and more. I expected to be educated but not impassioned. I've always been a planner, and believe in planning. Unfortunately like others, client resistance to engage in the process has worn me down. No more. The EPC designation program gave me a booster shot. It is no longer optional in my practice.”

Kathryn Kruivitsky, CA., CIM., FMA., FCSI., EPC

A quote from Mr. Peter Wouters, Faculty Chair AIEPS
“Anyone interested in developing a specialty and acumen in the unique needs, wants and issues of today’s and tomorrows elder population will find this a very worthwhile program. We are confident that much of what you will learn you will not have picked up elsewhere, certainly not in a format geared to actionable items and developing deep meaningful relationships with elders, beyond the numbers and figuring out how much is enough.”


    1. An International educational Designation program specifically designed for American Professionals who serve our “greying” American society.
    2. All of the US Initiative for Elder Planning Studies Faculty have earned their EPC designation and are considered to be specialists in their own right.
    3. Members have ongoing access to the Faculty for advice and suggestions pertaining to their individual profession.
    4. The EPC Designation program includes skills that will enhance your communication with American Elders.
    5. Study materials are available at www.aieps.com (See Learning Curriculum) and include four (4) desk reference volumes containing valuable information and facts pertaining to present and future American Elders. The study materials can also be requested and mailed to you.
    6. All members are given a resource CD that contains Federal and State Resources and website addresses designed to assist the EPC when communicating with Elders.
    7. Online-Distance learners are provided with a complete set of Videos containing all the live lectures. DVD's can be requested and mailed to you.
    8. Access to the EPC Member’s only website which contains timely information and useful updated educational materials and member discounts.
    9. Members only E-mail newsletters containing useful ideas, articles and timely information.
    10. Discount tuitions when 10 or more from the same company attend the same class.
    11. Corporate discounts are available for private classes of 25 or more when held at your location.
    12. Members are listed on a public website.
    13. An EPC Member Board dedicated to ensure that USIEPS Best Practices procedures are followed.
    14. Advanced seminars and Annual Conferences designed to provide further Elder education to ensure  members are kept up to date with the most recent elder issues.

Are you convinced that your elder or senior clients are convinced that you add value? The elders of today and tomorrow have a complete set of unique issues and concerns that they feel need to be addressed as a package in order to best handle their affairs.
Our specialized faculty will mentor with you about the many essential and timely topics that the 50+ populations in the USA say are the most relevant issues for them. Critical issues will be covered such as: health and care giving concerns and options, chronic illnesses, marketing to elders and end of life planning, financial planning, estate planning, taxation, investments and more are all discussed as they pertain to the unique issues priorities and interests of an aging population.. Many health, social needs and related topics such as: Long Term Care, Critical Illnesses, Government Benefits, , as well as associated legal issues and strategies will be discussed. We also have Guest Faculty that specialize in timely and important "Elder" issues in some locations.

Your Clients will be seeking out the Elder Planning Counselor in their Community who has demonstrated a commitment to professional development with a specialty in dealing with an aging population. Be there for them! As such, this program will be of value to any profession dealing with elders.


Value Added Benefits For Members Only

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Note - Member password required to enter the member site

AIEPS Disclaimer

This information is designed to provide a general overview with regard to the subject matter covered and is not state specific. The US Initiative for Elder Planning Studies and/or its officers, agents, employees or Faculty are not providing legal, accounting, medical or specific advice to any situation.

Please consult with your CPA, Legal council before making any recommendations or decisions.

Please check with your professions’ State regulatory departments in regards to their requirements and prohibitions in the use of the EPC designation

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