Tuition fees
Live Class - $795.00
Online - Distance Learning- $795.00

First year membership fee of $150.00 is waived upon payment of your tuition fee!

What is included in the Live Class attendance?

- Complete desk reference set consisting of 4 volumes totaling approx. 1200 pages.
- Continental breakfast served daily.
- Buffet Luncheon served daily. NOTE - Special dietary needs will be met.
- You will be notified of your exam mark within 1 week of writing your exam. (No waiting for weeks!)

Can I Register and Enroll using the www.aieps.com for On-Line (Distance) Learning and EPC testing?


Definitely -- we have conveniently provided Registration and Enrollment facilities utilizing our state-of-the-art Desktop Website/Portal. The complete Learning Curriculum for studying is available, both using the Desktop (browser of your choice) and more importantly, on the Mobile device of your choice (iPad, iPhone, Droid, Samsung, and more). Additionally, EPC Certification Testing is available with immediate testing results posted for you.

Upon completing study of the provided Learning Curriculum, can I take my EPC Certification Test On-Line?


Yes, the Learning Curriculum is available upon your successful registration, both with the Desktop (Internet) and Mobile access. NOTE: EPC Certification Testing is only available when using the www.aieps.com Desktop via browser. 

Must I register/enroll on the internet?

Not at all - yet the most convenient method is using the Desktop facilities provided at www.aieps.com under "Enrollment". Otherwise, simply click on the button below and you can fill out your enrollment form, print it and fax.

If you wish to enroll by Toll Free phone you may simply call our Toll Free number
866 833-8606 and we will personally take your enrollment.

Can I pay the tuition in installments? - SORRY THIS OPTION ONLY APPLIES TO THE LIVE CLASS

Yes, you may choose our payment plan option that consists of 4 equal installments.
There is a $25.00 administration fee for this option.
Your designation will be granted immediately upon successfully passing the exam and upon full payment of your tuition.

How long does it take to complete the program and become a step closer to attaining the EPC designation?

The "Live" designation exam preparation class consists of * 3.5 days. 3 days of intensive class study with the exam written on the last half day. Remember there is pre study required prior to attending the live exam preparation class.

* Please note - It is STRONGLY recommended that all students come to the exam preparation class ONLY after reading and becoming familiar with the Learning Curriculum provided at www.aieps.com or the Three (3) Volume Desk Reference set provided for the Live Classroom. 
The Online/Distance learning program may be completed at your own pace you will have a three (3) month time limit for completion, and three (3) hour time aggregate.

Your designation is awarded immediately upon passing the qualifying exam.

I am unable to come to the next program but I intend to come in the future...

If you are unable to attend the upcoming preparation class simply register your intention to become a member and you will ensure your current new Charter Member discount. The same applies for distance learning students. Please note you will not be charged to be on the pre enrollment list.
Our students do not pay until the first day of class!

What are the pre-requisite requirements ?

An interest in obtaining knowledge pertaining to the fastest growing segment of our population!

Professional vocation continuing education credits using our Accredited EPC Learning Curriculum. 


When and where does one write the exam and how long an exam is it?

The exam will be written using either of the following procedures:

  1. Online using our www.aieps.com Desktop (Internet) facilities upon completion of Learning Curriculum and your decision to "write your test" and submit by following the easy to use procedures provided. Time allotment is pre-defined using the Online Testing, and duration is only consumed when you are "making your test". A three (3) month duration is provided, with a total aggregate of three (3) hours to complete and submit yoru test.
  2. At the live class event on the last day and although there will be 3 hours allotted our experience has shown that the actual writing time is somewhere between 1.5 and 3 hours. PLEASE NOTE - Should you not feel completely comfortable writing at that time we will schedule another date for you!

    Online/Distance learning students will have the EPC Certification exam administered "online" by accessing www.aieps.com Desktop, using your secured login credentials provided at time of successful "registration".

    Distance Learning Students may conveniently write their exam "self-paced" using www.aieps.com Desktop (Internet) at any location in which you have "internet access". Immediate testing results are provided upon "submitting" your completed test.

    What happens if I fail the exam?

    If you do not attain 70% on your exam you may rewrite it. There is a $100.00 fee for an exam rewrite.

    When do I pay?

    Your payment is due at the time of registration/enrollment.

    Why should I attain my EPC designation?


  • You should attain your EPC designation and obtain continuing education credits required for your professional accreditation.
  • You should attain your EPC designation if you are currently working with or want to work directly with elders.
  • You should attain your EPC designation if you want to improve as a professional businessperson.
  • You should attain your EPC designation for personal betterment.


What does it take to earn my EPC designation?

All that is required is to register/enroll for the next program. Registration/enrollment is provided in the most convenient manner for today's professional by accessing www.aieps.com either desktop or mobile device. Please copy and paste If you need to travel, you should make your travel and accommodation arrangements.

How will being a member of American Initiative for Elder Planning Studies help me?

The EPC designation program will help train you to become a specialized professional who can deal with elders.

You will have the training and skills to know what to look for with an elder. You will know their hot buttons and what makes them function. You will have success with the elder population while your peers do not!

Will the EPC designation help me gain credibility with my elder clients?

Yes, definitely! After you have earned your designation, you will have the education and training that your elder clients and prospects will respect.

Your elder clients and prospects will know that you care about them and have taken the time away from your business to learn about their wants and needs.

You will understand the unique opportunities that you will have with the elder population, by keeping current with the many developments in this challenging field.

The elder population will know that you are competent and very capable and familiar with the process that is required to solve their problems.

What is in it for me? How can attaining my EPC designation help build my business?

You will be recognized in the elder community as an individual who will become known as a problem solver who can take action.

Referrals will be a natural result for the individual who has dedicated their time to achieving their EPC Designation.

Who makes up the American Initiative for Elder Planning Studies faculty?

All of our faculty are recognized as experts in their fields. Many of the faculty members are international speakers and educators, specialists in their fields