Stephen Cravitz, CSA, CLTC, LTCP, LUTCF

Stephen Cravitz is a veteran in the financial services industry with over a decade of experience. Although he is licensed to sell all types of insurance and many security products, he has specialized in the needs of long-term care insurance and post retirement financial planning.

He has worked in the capacity of a brokerage general agent, a retail agent and as an educator, with emphasis on long-term care insurance. He has taught and continues to teach all over the State of California.

He is on the agent’s advisory board of the California Partnership for long term care and as an educator he is one of a handful of teachers authorized by the State of California to teach the California Partnership to insurance agents.

His specialization can best be demonstrated by the three designations he has achieved, Certified Senior Advisor (Society of Certified Senior Advisors), Certified in Long-term Care (Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification), and Long-Term Care Professional (American Association of Long Term Care Insurance/ HIAA). Additionally he has been certified as an instructor for the LTCP designation.
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