Ms. Julie Montgomery, AIANE

Julie Montgomery’s life journey has led her to the point of helping others with her company, Free By Design, providing clients with the education, structure, support and inspiration to improve their health and achieve more in their own lives.

In 1994 Julie lost her 36-year-old sister to cancer. That is when she decided to do something different with her life. She read her first nutrition book, A Cancer Battle Plan by Ann Fraum. She continued her research to include such areas as homeopathy, naturopathy and glycobiology. Julie has learned lessons from some of the most notable doctors and experts in the country.

Julie went through a physical transformation that took her from 36.9% body fat to 24.6% body fat. She applied both her knowledge and personal experience to create the “Journey” and help people move from their current state of health to a more vibrant, healthy life. The true heart behind the Journey is Julie’s belief that as we take personal responsibility for our health we reclaim a level of freedom and excitement in our lives that will supply us the energy and the confidence to live the dreams that are in our hearts.

Julie is a member of the American International Association of Nutritional Education. She has achieved her Weight Loss Consultant Certification. Julie is currently enrolled in the University of Miami School of Medicine, Division of Complimentary Medicine, Florida and Humanatis International Foundation of Miami. She is also enrolled in the Transformation Leadership Coaching certification program.

The success of the Journey is seen in Julie’s family. Her oldest daughter is a personal trainer. Her youngest daughter hopes to follow in her footsteps after graduation. Even her 20-month-old grandson loves fruits and vegetables.

In her business and in her life, Julie wants her clients to walk away energized and empowered, looking forward to life and free from the guilt and shame that so often accompany those who are overweight. Julie believes that each of us should ask:

Am I playing to win, or playing not to lose?
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