Mr. Keith Midgen, BS., MS., GLA

Keith J. Midgen was born and educated in London, England. After he graduated from college, he traveled extensively throughout Europe and worked with several fashion organizations in London and Geneva.

In 1970 he journeyed to Durban, South Africa, where he managed and trained the employees of an International U.S. corporation. However, he longed to be an entrepreneur, and so, two years later in Johannesburg, he started his own successful company called “Roots.” It was then that he was able to put into practice the marketing and consumer relations techniques learned in corporate life. In 1978, he decided to go to America with his wife and two children in order to train employees of Jordan Marsh in Miami, Florida. In America, he furthered his knowledge by directing advertising projects with the news media.

One of his job functions at this time was to market the store’s services to senior citizens who lived in the various complexes along Miami Beach. It was during these activities that he became interested in the problems of the coming baby-boom generation.

While in Miami, he began to study retirement investing and the free-market economy. He decided that as soon as possible, he would return to school to study Finance, Economics, and Management Sciences. Having been offered a position with Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas, in 1980, Mr. Midgen moved his family there. However, he longed to strike out on his own again, and so, a year later, he became President and Owner of “Royal Hair Force, Inc.” The corporation was engaged in International Practical Training for more than 20 years and was sold in 2002.

Around 1982, Mr. Midgen began work on his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Balancing studying, working and going to school at night, he obtained a B.S. (Magna cum Laude) and an M.S. with high grades.

He has written several pieces on the economic impact of the baby-boomers, and the problems associated with elderly financial planning. He has helped several families prepare for their retirement by suggesting appropriate investment vehicles for their specific horizons.

Mr. Midgen obtained his General Lines Insurance license in 2002. Initially, he worked for United American Insurance Company, but decided to become an Independent Contractor several months later. Since then, he has been working closely with Dewey Galimore at HBW Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. He has closely followed the crises in health care and Social Security over the last two decades, and feels that strong public and industry education is essential if the 1946-1964 echelon is to weather its retirement years. He has recently been certified for continuing education in aspects of Medicare and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

His hobbies are varied, but include traveling, writing Guest Editorials for the Dallas Morning News, painting, reading, playing chess, and teaching mathematics. His wife Barbara is currently studying nutrition and vitamins; one son will graduate from Medical School next year, and the other is a computer programmer with Microsoft. He lives in Plano, Texas.

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