Ms. Claire C. Yoder, B.S.N., J.D.

Claire is a nurse and an attorney with more than twenty years of medical and legal experience. A 1990 graduate of Northwestern College of Law, Claire practiced nursing for ten years prior to law school, graduating from SUNY/Plattsburgh with a Bachelor’s in Nursing in 1977.

She has extensive experience in healthcare law and long term care planning, particularly in the areas of home care, extended care and nursing home care.

In her practice Claire has concentrated on probate and elder law in addition to an active arbitration and mediation practice. Claire has been active in hospital risk management and nursing home issues, including recent planning and improvement work with a major nursing home company and social service planning for senior citizens.

She has been a speaker at two national nursing conventions, taught nursing at a community college and has been published in several nursing journals, including Surgical Services Magazine, (SSM); March 2000 and the Association of Operating Room Nurses’ Journal, (AORN); Spring 2001 and March 2005.
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